Error creating deployment for hosted service 'moodle' on azure

Sep 21, 2011 at 10:07 AM
Edited Sep 27, 2011 at 5:22 AM

I'm trying to install on the azure and Im getting the following exception. 

Error creating deployment for hosted service 'moodle' - 

One or more configuration settings are specified for this deployment configuration but are not defined in the service definition file: Moodle2_WebRoleInstances, Moodle2_WebRole:AzureCloudStorageAccountName, Moodle2_WebRole:AzureCloudStorageAccountKey, Moodle2_WebRole:driveconnection, Moodle2_WebRole:MountDrives, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleDBHost, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleDBName, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleDBUser, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleDBPass, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleDBTablePrefix, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleWWWRoot, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodlePasswdSaltMain, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleTimezone, Moodle2_WebRole:MoodleDebugLevel, Moodle2_WebRole:DisplayErrors.

----------------Below is the CSpkg-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

<ServiceConfiguration serviceName="Moodle2" xmlns="">  <Role name="Moodle2_WebRole">    <Instances count="1"/>    <ConfigurationSettings>
      <Setting name="AzureCloudStorageAccountName" value=""/>      <Setting name="AzureCloudStorageAccountKey" value="mykey"/>                  <Setting name="driveconnection" value="UseDevelopmentStorage=true" />                  <Setting name="MountDrives" value="drive_label=MoodleDrive,connection_string=driveconnection,local_cache=DriveCache,page_blob_container=moodle-drive-container,page_blob_vhd=moodledrive,drive_size=1024;"/>                  <Setting name="MoodleDBHost" valuedbhost" />               <Setting name="MoodleDBName" value="drupal" />         <Setting name="MoodleDBUser" value="****" />         <Setting name="MoodleDBPass" value="****" />         <Setting name="MoodleDBTablePrefix" value="mdl_" />         <Setting name="MoodleWWWRoot" value="" />        <Setting name="MoodlePasswdSaltMain" value="opentechweb" />        <Setting name="MoodleTimezone" value="America/Sao_Paulo" />               <Setting name="MoodleDebugLevel" value="0" />    <Setting name="DisplayErrors" value="true" />                     </ConfigurationSettings>  </Role></ServiceConfiguration>


Any Idea what have I done wrong. 

Thanks in advance



Dec 13, 2011 at 8:05 AM


I have the same problem, could you fix it?

Dec 15, 2011 at 7:18 PM

Are you using the MoodleBuild Toolchain or the Moodle 2.0 package?

If using the package, please try the toolchain, as the package is almost an year old (Moodle is on version 2.2) and not supported anymore.

Jan 20, 2012 at 4:50 AM

I am using Moodle Build Toolchain. Could someone share an example of the configuration file? If there another way to uploan/run moodle on Azure?